Theater Arts Workshop in English

All invited to participate in our innovative Online Theater Workshops for learning the English language.

This semester we will carry out the work PANDORA’S BOX

Classes start Saturday April 24

“Pandora’s box is a mythical container from Greek mythology, taken from the story of Pandora, the first woman, created by Hephaestus by order of Zeus, which contained all the evils of the world.
The story goes that Zeus, eager to take revenge on Prometheus for stealing the fire and giving it to humans, introduced his brother, Epimetheus, a woman named Pandora, whom he married. As a wedding gift, Pandora received a mysterious pithos — an oval jar, although it is currently cited and accepted as a box — with instructions not to open it under any circumstances. The gods had given Pandora a great curiosity, so she decided to open the jar to see what was inside it. When he opened it, all the evils of the world escaped from inside.
When she managed to close it, only Elpis remained, the spirit of hope, the only good that the gods had put into her.
1 From this story arose the expression “Hope is the last thing to be lost.”
2 Today, “opening a Pandora’s box” means doing an apparently small or harmless action, but which can have catastrophic consequences. “

Workshop description:
The GTC Globalia Theater Arts Workshop program is focused on and is suitable for any person of legal age who wants to participate in the realization of a play, from production to premiere. They will learn more about themselves and draw expressions, voices and movements from within to create characters that we will later see on stage. Students will study various theater arts methods, historical periods, specific authors, actors, plays, and movies.
They will learn to stage a pantomime and use of makeup, monologues, acting games, short plays and participate in a large-scale production. They will also make props like masks, suits, swords etc.
The main method we will use will be Konstantin Stanislavski’s “An Actor Prepares.” Classes are held in the English language.
The Theater helps to form integral people capable of coping with any reality, so that they feel sure of themselves, with dramatic expression and a better understanding of their environment. It is a deep work, individual as a group. The group becomes a central hub for any set-up and lifelong bonds are created.
Our goal is to ensure that GTC Globalia students develop a strong vocation and passion for theater, scenic art, the use of scenery, sound, lights, makeup, with a deep aesthetic sense, and that they dedicate themselves with discipline to permanent improvement of his techniques, in order to achieve the highest possible levels of artistic quality.
The curriculum includes the fundamental disciplines of the actor: acting technique, mastery of the body and voice, the students not only act and sing but also interpret the music and carry out the production: everything is done by the students! The training they will receive will provide them with a wide range of theater techniques and methodologies, theater production, singing and much more.

Given the circumstances due to the pandemic, the theater workshop will be held through the online platform Zoom. It should be noted that the entire teaching process was adapted to be able to carry out the classes online without losing any of the objectives proposed by the workshop.
Classes are held in English, only Spanish will be used for explanatory purposes, linguistic and grammatical corrections if necessary.

Classes are held on Saturdays for two continuous hours of 60 minutes. (4 Saturdays a month).
Lecturer in charge: Bárbara Cortínez
Theater Director – Master in Literature and Germanic Languages ​​at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

For more information write to us at or contact us by phone / whatsapp at the numbers +569 5516 8363