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What we do

We provide excellent work, professional, and self-development opportunities abroad. We strongly believe in cultural exchange, so we offer you different programs tailored to your capabilities and needs. We have options for professionals, students, and those seeking to acquire and deepen their knowledge in various areas.• Permanent management, advice, and coaching in every stage of the process.

Our strengths


Company managed by professionals specialized in each area.


Comprehensive management for each program.


Based in Chile and the United States.


Qualified and renowned partnership network.


Continuous coaching and training during the application process and once in the destination country.

Our programs

Programs for Health and Education Recruitment

Currently, our available vacancies are in the area of education in the state of California. We’ll soon have job offers in other states such as Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Washington.

Work & Travel Program

We’ll soon surprise you with new opportunities!

Hotel Management & Gastronomy Program

This program is focused on students and graduates from hotel management, tourism, and gastronomy fields. We offer the opportunity to carry out internships and training in the most luxurious hotels in Mexico. Our candidates will be able to learn in one of the world’s most advanced touristic sectors, in dream locations such as Los Cabos, Mazatlan, Riviera Maya, and others.

Specialized programs

We’re preparing various specialization courses and workshops in different areas such as arts, music, yoga, cinema, acting, technology, among others. These will be intensive programs that could be taken in the most recognized and prestigious institutions worldwide.

“My name is Sofia Capelli. I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist who graduated from Universidad del Desarrollo – Chile and went through the whole application process to work in the US with GTC Globalia. They helped the whole time, cleared my doubts, and were on the lookout throughout the whole process. They have an excellent disposition. I recommend them 100% if you are looking to work in California.”

Sofía Capelli

Speech therapist

“Thanks to GTC Globalia, I got the job opportunity that I was looking for.
They did an exceptional job and made it possible for me to settle in the location of my choice in the state of California. Everything they promised was fulfilled.”


Ariel Belmont

Speech-Language Pathologist – Universidad de Chile
SLP in Oakland USD.